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 Model Room

Our company developed a production of the polystyrene models for mould castings used in pressing dies to the absolutely professional level. In a completely clean operating environment of the model room our specialists produce the highest quality models by means of a technologically extraordinary solution, that is the machining of 3D shapes by FANUC industrial milling robot. Exactly those attributes are the main reason why the leading automobile producers of the reputable trademarks are seeking our model room. Job engineering of CNC machining is executed by means of CAD/CAM Visi system.

 Contact Personnel

Model RoomUrbanek T.tomas.urbanek@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 910+420 556 779 902
Model Room ForemanPetr L.modelarna@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 915+420 556 779 902