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Our company is ranked among modern European producers of the pressing dies due to used technologies from the design and job engineering, through the proper models and pressing dies production up to the final checks and testing. Application of new systems and technologies is the key strategy that was chosen by the company to reach the prominent status in comparison with its competitors.

 Contact Personnel

General ManagerIng. Beier Ericherich.beier@dae-eu.cz+420 606 732 612
Design DepartmentDoniec Petrpetr.doniec@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 920
Model RoomUrbánek Tomáštomas.urbanek@dae-eu.cz+420 606 748 041
CAD/CAMIng. Jančálek Zdeněkzdenek.jancalek@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 920