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 Quality Control

Our company lays great emphasis on the accurate machining of die members that has the influence on a pressing die quality and its proper functionality. Therefore under the supervision of the quality control department the frequent current checks of the machining of die members are executed.

For this purpose we use regularly calibrated conventional and other modern measurement gauges (Mitutoyo, DEA). Also operators of CNC machines execute regular checkings by electronic switching measurement probes (Heidenhain).

The detachment of those measurements and the accuracy of the machining are guaranteed by the frequent control measurements of CNC machines by means of Renishaw QC-10 linear measure gauge (for the measurement of a circularity) and by means of the calibration of machine gauges in accordance with the measurements by a laser.

 Contact Personnel

General ManagerIng. Beier E.erich.beier@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 909+420 556 779 902
Quality Control DepartmentJancalek L.ladislav.jancalek@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 914+420 556 779 902
Head of ProductionBobiš J.jaroslav.bobis@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 907+420 556 779 926