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Our company disposes of numerous range of CNC tooling machine centres, milling machines, boring machines and other conventional kinds of machines that are necessary for the pressing dies production. The production strategy of the tooling on our machines is based on the basis of flexible connection of CAD-CAM-CNC and on the maximal progressiveness, flexibility, fastness and on the machining quality.

Further, the effective usage of modern control systems (Heidenhain) in the machine tools, fast setting and current checks of the workpieces by electronic switching probes, the employment of the progressive machine tools and above all the possibility of the machining of large-scale workpieces (maximum up to 30t) together with the workmanship and the experience of our specialists with 2D and 3D, 5 axial and 3+2 axial machining classify the important role in the production process.

To a large extent machining effectivity on the CNC machine tools is dependant on the processing of CAD drawings and models by means of the suitable software. CAD/CAM systems Catia and Tebis that have been used in our company for a long time enable us to prepare the job engineering very quickly and to realise the appropriate product succesfully.

CAD/CAM systems:

  • Catia V5
  • Tebis 3.x
  • Peps

 Contact Personnel

General ManagerIng. Beier E.erich.beier@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 909+420 556 779 902
Head of ProductionBobiš J.jaroslav.bobis@dae-eu.cz+420 556 779 907+420 556 779 926